Burn Fitness Products Technology

Burn Fitness Products engineers have extensive Fitness Equipment experience as well as experience in the combustion engine, critical server cooling and medical device industries. You will find the same engineering rigor required of these other fields in our fitness equipment. Simply stepping onto a Burn Fitness elliptical imparts the rugged, sturdy and smooth operation one should expect from a piece of equipment meant to last and handle the forces from the most aggressive of workouts.

Burn Fitness Products equipment is designed to remain smooth and absorb impacts, so your body does not have to. This includes our no stride wheel technology in our elliptical cross trainers. Stride wheels have built up inertia that causes forces when changing direction. Stride wheels can run over bumps in the tracks causing a stuttering ride that can ruin the glide that elliptical cross trainers are meant to have. Burn Fitness Products uses advanced, high strength materials that remove the requirement of stride wheels. Combined with all ball bearing construction, no unreliable bushings, Burn Fitness Products provides a smooth ride that will last for years to come.